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Plus, the smooth formula is fully opaque in two coats, so there's nothing streaky about it. Actual boat not included. This mixed-print set of nail wraps in orange, pink, yellow, and purple combines the cool factor of a summer music festival with the palette of a sunset. Something about this true teal shade says it's what a mermaid would choose for her summer manicure. If you happen to have feet instead of a tail, you can wear it for a pedicure, too. There are few things that look as crisp and clean as a white manicure done well.

The trick to getting it right? Use a formula like this one from Chanel. It's smooth, even, and just as ethereal as its name suggests. A coat of this bright Caribbean blue, and you can practically feel the white sand between your toes. A standout from Jacobs's summer beauty collection not to mention the designer's spring runway , this cocoa shade is flattering as a nude for dark skin tones or as a rich contrasting shade for pale ones. Yellow nail polish can go very wrong very quickly, but this sunny shade is just plain fun.

And just try to be unhappy while wearing it. Not possible.

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This cotton-candy pink is anything but sweet. Two coats and the acid-bright shade looks exciting, gutsy, and proudly synthetic in the best way possible. It's a vivid fuchsia shade that's so electric, it's more '80s punk than My Little Pony. We're suckers for almost anything rose gold it's universally flattering no matter your skin tone , and this version contains shimmer so superfine it looks glimmery, not flashy. This rich royal blue is unapologetically bold It's equally stunning on fingers and toes—just keep nails short and be sure to use two coats to get the full effect.

As the name indicates, it has a classic, all-American vibe manicure shade of choice for a trip to the drive-in, anyone? It's the closest you'll get to a true metallic finish outside of coating your nails with actual gold leaf. This dreamy periwinkle is cute but not cutesy—and like a good pair of jeans, it goes with everything. Do you know what you're wearing on the 4th of July?

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We do. Layer this red-, white-, and blue-speckled topcoat over another patriotic-colored polish or over bare nails for instant, foolproof nail art. Betsy Ross couldn't have designed it better herself. The subtlest polish to make the list, this sheer, subdued barely-there pink delivers a natural-nails-but-better look.

This vivid coral-orange hybrid is a beloved summer shade with good reason: It's cheerful, flattering, and wearable on fingers or toes, no matter your complexion. Plus, doesn't the name sound like a delicious summer cocktail? This hot red polish looks rich—like lounging-on-your-private-island rich. The bright hue works on long and short nails, just make sure to file them into a clean squoval shape. The longer you look at it, the better it gets: At first glance it looks like an eggshell shade.

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Then the gray undertones become more apparent, and it transforms into a superpale blue. Color us intrigued. The water-droplet-covered bottle is cool; the iridescent polish inside is even cooler—shifting between blue, green, and purple depending on how it catches the light. Good as a movie.

Maybelline Color Show Nail Enamel, Coral Craze, 6ml

Good as a nail polish shade: It's a milky, minty green that reminds us of pistachio ice cream. It's so neon, it practically looks like you cracked open a glow stick and coated your nails with the stuff inside for the record, we do not suggest actually doing that. This bright, cheery green is as refreshing as a mojito. We recommend wearing it on fingers, not toes. Lime green not your thing? One of the great brands for gorgeous nail colours is MAC. This is one of the top rated MAC nail lacquers. The cool pink with slightly bluish undertones offers a beautiful glossy finish to your nails.

This edition is known for its long-wear and chip resistant features. The creamy consistency of this color glides on your nails like a dream. This beautiful orangish coral shade is a true winner. It has a creamy finish and offers a nice experience of coloring your nails with it. If you want to give your nails an elegant makeover, Moonday by MAC is the perfect choice. This clear nail polish comes in a shimmering finish and can be worn as a polish or as a gloss on top of painted nails. It offers chop resistance to nails and increases the life of your lacquer. The deep violet shade has flecks of glitter to make your nails look as beautiful and as mysterious as the dead of the night.

The pigment of this shade is extremely rich and experts recommend use only one coat for a perfect finish. If you are looking to give a pastel touch to your nails, pick this shade right now! This extremely creamy nail color offers the best of coverage in just one swipe. A unique formula makes it last long and deliver what it promises. Wish you could pull out all the stars from the sky and paste them on your nails?

This MAC gold nail polish comes in a warm shade with a million glitters to make you shine like a star.

It is easy to glide and the shimmer coverage is decent. It is a darker burgundy hued nail colour. The high-gloss technology of this nail colour perfects your gorgeous look. See More: Nail Polish Remover. The beautiful blend of olive, green and gold gives your nails an irresistible look.


Its modified brush lets the nail colour spread evenly on your nail while completing the look with a good texture. This MAC Fashion Set Collections is based on a high-gloss technology that provides a great shine and texture to your pretty manicured nails.

MAC Me Over for Fall 2011 Collection Nail Lacquer Swatches & Photos

Pair up your pretty dress with this striking purple nail colour and look pretty! This nail colour is designed with a high technology that provides a great finish and texture to the nails. Matte Nail Polish.