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Oct 4, Follow these steps if the Mail app on your Mac suddenly doesn't send or to connect because of a problem with the mail server or network.
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Quit mail 2. Go to web mail access your inbox via a browser with same login as in Mail 3. Delete one message preferably spam 4. Open Mail. It should be functoning normally. So far this has worked for me, but as they say, the mileage varies. Good luck.

Just one thing

I set up mail on an older Mac leaving messages on the server so as not to lose them and I could see the real messages in the inbox and delete one. After doing this I restarted El Capitan Mail and it worked. I was able to fix the issue after changing to port with SSL enabled. On top of all the issues listed here, my Mail disappears after I receive a notification. I see the Notification long enough to read the Subject then poof, gone!

However when I log into the Godaddy webmail the missing email is right there. I cannot even meet the first step: When I open mail, it goes immediately to trying to connect to my google account via asking for my email and password etc. It seems to get stuck here. It shows the little loading symbol then….

The minimalist emailer

It just stops there. I even reduced the amount of mail it downloads from gmail so as not to slow down the process. I would be curious to understand what happened but thanks a lot! Joo, you should take some classes for that.. El capitan is working fine without any issues. Fully agree… with Apple losing its way. Same problem here … mail cannot be fixed.. I can go into my fatcow account and get all my mail and it functions fine.

This may well be my last Apple…. Still having the same problems on El Capitan, and none of these things fix it. I cannot send mail, and it says the outgoing server is offline. I hope they put an update out soon. I cannot use this advice because my Automatically detect and maintain account settings is grey and not checkable.

Fix Mac Mail Problems With These Troubleshooting Guides

With my problem when I click to send a composed email the Mac Mail App starts flashing between the composed mail and the main view. I have a solution maybe some of you have done the same. My time is too important to troubleshooting weekends and evenings on-end like many of you. Problem fixed!!! All my IMAP messages previously read and unread are there.

I checked the box to integrate Apple Mail and all the mailboxes show with exception to Smart Boxes. I have yet to figure out how to transfer and setup those in T-Bird. But, after three weeks of not being able to check mail and ripping out hair, screaming explitives, I now have peace. I agree with you James. I have also given up on Apple Mail after good five years of using it with fun and excitement. I am going back to boring Microsoft Outlook! And as you said, if Steve Jobs was still alive!

Mac Outgoing Mail Problems

A good case study showing how vital is the role of a great leader. I cannot create a new POP mailbox anymore! I had been having problems with Mail in OS X It kept asking for my password and then telling me it was incorrect. Worked fine for the last 8 years but now… I tried everything I could think of including erasing the keychain password entries related to Yahoo mail. I logged off Yahoo Mail in my web browser and logged back in using the same password and it worked fine in the browser, just not via the Mac Mail program. Finally I thought, fine, I will delete this mailbox in OS X and build a new one and see what happens.

I put in my Yahoo.

Fix Mac Mail Problems With These Troubleshooting Guides

It seems to be in the Mail program. Any solutions? They are unreadable and they us to come in as an Excel spread sheet.

What can I change or do the receive a readable Excel spread sheet? Also when I click on a new email, I have to double click it for it to open. I did not have to do this before. All I did was click on the new email and it opened. I did notice the double-clicking for a new email, but what troubles me more is that the email I click in the list is not the email text on the right.

Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Enter your email address below: Posted by: Mark C. Topher says: July 5, at July 5, at 8: INDC says: July 7, at 7: Keith Miller says: October 3, at Lara says: Lee says: October 6, at 3: Tony Glaser says: October 3, at 3: October 26, at 8: Nelson says: November 24, at Tim M.

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Most often, verifying your settings will resolve this issue. If this fails to resolve the issue, then you will need to reset the password for your email address within the mt AccountCenter, and provide Mail the new password. Mail states it can't "Verify Certificate". What does this mean? This occurs because you are set to use a secure SSL connection, which is a very good thing.

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Otherwise, you can opt to continue or ignore the warning, although you may continue to receive this message in the future. Emails sent in Mail do not appear in my Sent Folder, why? Follow these simple steps to configure this:. This will configure Mail to save new outgoing emails to the sent folder for your account.

If you want your previously sent emails to appear they must be dragged from Mail's local Sent folder to the Sent folder listed under your account. Once in a while, your Mail. You may be able to verify that you are getting new mail via webmail, another email client or computer, or even via a mobile phone. When this happens, the fix is extraordinarily easy! Figure 1: Follow these steps to refresh your Mail application. If your mailbox is constantly spinning and mail is not coming or going, it means IMAP is not syncing.

In this case, try these steps:. First, close Mail. You can do this by either command-Q or click on Mail and selecting Quit. Then re-open the application by clicking on the stamp icon in your dock.

If Mail refers to a problem with the mail server or network

Next, confirm that your email settings are configured correctly. Then compare them to the settings you see in Mail preferences. Email delivery is scheduled by your email provider, and delivery time could also be affected by your Internet provider. If you often experience significant email delays, contact your email provider or Internet provider. If the delays occur only when communicating with a particular person, that person may need to contact their email provider or Internet provider.

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